July Peach Floral Studio



Kristina Ferraro

Maker of Pretty


"Born a maker,
found in nature..."

A maker all my life, I've experienced a wide range of artistic mediums and industries. Early on I fell in love with the fine arts, and you could always find me in the art room with my nose in a sketchbook, even when it should have been in a math textbook. As time went on and technology rapidly evolved I transitioned from drawing and painting into digital art and graphic design, obtaining a degree in Creative Advertising at Humber College. However, working in an ad agency it didn't take long before I realized that I'd rather be making with my hands than a computer, and creating for joy instead of consumerism. So, with an insatiable sweet tooth and Italian born passion for food, I fell into the art of cake design at Bonnie Gordon College in Toronto. After several years of working in bakeries and running a specialty wedding cake business, I noticed a pattern in my designs, and a change in myself. At every chance, I would include flowers on a cake. Nature became my place of solace, and environmental issues became something I felt very strongly about. The next thing I knew I was back in a classroom pursuing a career in floral design at the Bloom School in Toronto, and freelancing with amazing local floral designers soaking up everything they had to offer.

July Peach Floral Studio is the result of 30 years of artistic expression and exploration, and every day that I get to wake up to a room full of beautiful blooms is like a dream come true.